Who are we talking to and what do we want them to take away?

At Hicks Advertising, we start by listening, not talking. No one knows more about your business and customers than you and we want to hear all about it. The next step is to work out the best way to talk to them. We’ll devise a customised strategy that works for your business and your budget.


Years and years of design experience has taught us one thing..

We now design not only to get a reaction, we design to get an ‘action’. Whether it’s clicking to your website, picking up the phone or hitting the ‘buy now’ button, everything we do has this design philosophy in mind. From beautiful logos, high-impact billboards to dynamic websites and everything in between.


Now here’s a medium to get excited about..

Ever-changing, ever-developing, fresh ideas and new thinking. A lot like us really!Web design is something we can definitely do. But there is so much more to digital than just building a website. Don’t forget web development, social media and app design, SEO/SEM management, email marketing, customer acquisition and retargeting. If it’s new media, we do it.


Need a television commercial, corporate video, radio ad or animation?

When it comes to video production, we’ve got you covered. With your vision and our imagination and expertise, the Hicks Advertising creative and production team will develop content that is memorable and engaging. After all, it’s about connecting with your target audience.


Printed matter still matters!

Print is most certainly not dead! Catalogues, flyers and press ads all still have there place in the marketing mix.. and at the very least, everyone still needs a business card! Here at Hicks Advertising, we have plenty of print and production power, so we can handle everything from start to finish for our clients.


It’s all about talking to your customers cost efficiently and effectively..

With years of experience in placing ads, we know how, when and where to buy. The aim for clients? Reach the highest number of the target audience at the lowest cost. We can provide an integrated or total solution across tv, radio, print and digital media.